Park Place nurtures a COMMUNITY that participates in work and activities to protect people, their beliefs and their environment. The community’s focal point is the Park Place Pastoral Centre, but the FSMA Congregation that the Sisters belong to, spreads to Europe, Africa, India and Brazil.

Park Place is a Pastoral Centre that encourages people on their spiritual journey, whatever that may be. The Franciscan Nuns from India who run Park Place make this Centre special. The sisters are encouraging of all Faiths, practices and developments as part of the whole, cultivating good for all and the Planet.

The Franciscan Sisters and Father Andrew McMahon ofm. are the spirit and soul of the Community, providing a calm, supportive Centre;

Sustainable funding represents the lungs of the community, breathing more resource into our activity, reach and impact;

The Overseas Missions are the senses of the community, hearing, feeling and seeing the impact of community activity;

The Park Place Pastoral Centre and the Friends of Park Place represent the heart of the community with a job to do, to keep the circulation of the community going;

Our supporters, partners and ambassadors nourish the community;

Our outreach activities are the voices of the community.

Anyone needing a Guided Retreat is also welcome and one of the Sisters will be able to assist you in your spiritual quest according to your needs.